I’m screwed. I have a very clingy gf, and she would always stick around me, want to do everything with me, and even discussed marriage/future plans with me. While I initially thought it was cute and sweet, it started getting too much, and I felt that it was becoming a red flag in the relationship. While I had intentions of breaking away, she filled the emotional void in my life, and I didn’t do so earlier on.

Naturally, like most couples, we engage in sex. A few days ago, I was really in the mood, and was happy that she initiated sex. She even bought a box of condoms to keep in my room for future use. Unfortunately, the condom tore (what are the chances fml), and there was a big hole. And as anyone would have guessed, bad things are bound to happen. I begged her to take a morning after pill as I was terrified of the consequences.

However, she insisted on not taking it, saying that she is okay with having my baby if it’s divine will. Despite my pleas and tears, she refused.

I’m terrified. I’m not sure if she tampered with the condom before I used it, because I did not personally open the packaging. Thoughts are running wild through my mind everyday, and I’m having sleepless nights. She’s sending me messages about our future family together, and it’s not helping me a bit.

I’m afraid I’m dealing with a psychopath here. Is there any way I can get out of this legally? I don’t want to let my parents know if there isn’t a need to.

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