I am a resident of Tampines Block 201E street 23 near to a barber shop behind carpark. and Town council is not doing anything about it.They just email me as they will try look into this matter but useless it took a month until now no news.

Feedback on regards my area everyday full of motorbikes parking at my block downstairs where bicycle slot was taken up and blocked by those inconsiderate bikers. Sometimes bicycle stuck in the middle and can’t even lock. One of my bicycle wheel was damaged or hit by motorbike before. I have took pictures as evidence during day and evening as attachment.

What the point having motorbike and bicycle slots. Signboard already placed NO PARKING FOR MOTORBIKE Very selfish and inconsiderate for those unable to park. The matter is still unrest look like getting more worse out of hands.

Attached few photos as evidence again and again not taking action seriously.

What the point having Signboard Crossing NO BIKE.

Look at all the poor bicycles stuck in between. What if bike knock down someone who going answer?

Please kindly investigate this matter and take action soon.

Help to post this issue to alert our government do something about illegal parking.

Please view the attach photo thanks.

Roy Chen
A.S.S Contributor

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