How far does money stretch for someone living in Malaysia? The answer is quite a bit if one seldom dine out.

I have just returned from my neighbourhood supermarket (Giant) to top up some grocery. Let’s take a look at the receipt.

For RM 30.30 (~SGD 10), I bought:
1) 1 200gm packet of grey oyster mushroom
2) 2 large chicken breasts
3) 1 honey dew
4) 1 packet of Mee Kuning
5) 3 tomatoes
6) 1 package of carrots (about 7 sticks)
7) 1 packet of Cadbury milk chocolate

Depending on how I stretch it (coupled with the rice I already have), this is at least enough food to last me 3-4 days. The only expensive item is the chocolate but that is enough to sate my sweet tooth for a month.

If you have noticed, there is either a Z or a S behind the item price. Z means the item is zero-rated for GST (0% GST) and S means the item is subjected to GST (6% GST).

Therefore, you can see that with the exception of the last item (the chocolate), the rest of the stuff are not subjected to GST.

So how far can you stretch SGD 10 in Singapore?

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