Dear Grab car Singapore,

I am the driver for Grab since May 2015. I am literally happy to drive for Grab car.

Till first quarter of this year, you reduced 15% of fare a day after Uber announced the reduction of fare. At first we as driver not really happy with the fare adjustment plan.
As driver have to be more cost saving in all aspect.

Yesterday Grab car announce to all driver by SMS :-

GC Econ: Don’t miss out on massively improved fare guarantees during AM peak hours this week! Easily earn up to $24/trip guaranteed with LOWER FARE TARGETS THIS WEEK.

Are you trying to enslave all drivers to drive long hours for small earning.

The incentive is complimentary not privilege. Not all driver can drive long hours we have bill to pay. Food to eat. Cloth to wear. Such cheap fare may damage our entire transport systems reputation.

1) RENTAL 1.6l CARS = SG$ 2200.00 per month compulsory
2) PETROL = SG$ 1500.00 per month (based on $50.00 per day)
3) GRABCAR COMMISSION = SG$ 1200.00 to SG$ 1500.00 per month (based on $250 daily fare) exclude
Our overhead cost is about $ 5,000.00 per month. Do you really want us to driver for extra hours? Which we usually drive for 12-14 hours to maintain and meet our above monthly expense?

Please we are all human being. We need time to rest and quality time with family. Honestly this is really inappropriate for Grab car to reduce the fare.

I will stand to protest this fare reduction as Grab Car Driver

Nick Lee
A.S.S. Contributor

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