My bro and I have waited 6 months for Jay Chou’s concert and all I could say is that we were utterly disappointed with it. We were seated at gate 19 row W and almost hitting the rooftop of the stadium. Apart from the very restricted view (which was understandable, since we got the cheaper tickets), there was practically nothing audible from our side. It was very frustrating when my brother and I couldn’t even hear him when he introduced the next song he was singing.

While audiences on floor level were screaming and all hyped up, fans at my section were just deadly seated at our seats because all we could here were the over-amplified bass and muffled voice of Jay. It was such an unenjoyable experience that we decided to leave before the concert ended. It was especially ironic how Jay Chou fans who did not pay for his concert and were gathered outside the stadium could hear Jay Chou so much better than us who paid $128 for it.

Of cause I’m aware, we might have bought the cheaper tickets and would gladly accept the fact that we might not be enjoying the same kind of experience as fans who have paid close to $300 for a ticket. However, the quality of sound from our side was so inaudible, i think we would be so much better off listening to his songs on YouTube. I genuinely hope the National stadium can do something about this. Even if a refund is not possible, we hope they can look into other ways of compensating Jay Chou’s fans for this horribly disappointing experience.

For everyone who’s affected by this substandard sound system, we have not only wasted money on this but also time and effort spent queueing and anticipating for this concert which served mediocre standards for a mega star like Jay Chou.

Note: This also happened two years ago when Jay Chou held his concert in the newly opened stadium. Feedback was given to Singapore Sports Hub and they said they will contact the organisers for improvements but there was NO improvements seen last night.

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