Dear A.S.S,

I am a resident staying at Blk 743 Jurong West Street 73. Stray cats & cats feeding has always been an issue at my location for the past 5 yrs.

We have wrote to HDB/ Choa chu kang Town council….informed AVA, Cat Society.

Slowly all the residents were juz trying to endure the situtation as the organization were not keen to solve the issue. The feeders are very arrogant type. Plenty of times the cats has entered out 2nd floor unit. Juz leave the Dry, wet can foods, ikan bilis & fried fish on the floor juz outside the lift lobby & void decks. Senior citizens at my blk has stepped slipped & fell down few times. Today it happened to another auntie who was in her last 70s. Luckily we helped her.

Whenever we approach the feeder they juz argue their point of view. Never think of proper feeding like feeding using a tray or plate.

Irresponsible feeders just wait & see one day it could be your own parents or relatives who will be stepping on the food accidentally & injuring themselves.

Stop Being selfish.

A.S.S Contributor
Mrs Kris

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