[This is from the message I sent to the Samsung Service website which they seen but ignored.]

Hi, I am deeply disappointed with the service rendered at your Customer Service Centre @ Westgate.

I own a Samsung Note 5, and my stylus’s spring is known to be stiff. I was using the S Memo feature and just after slotting the stylus into the holding compartment and compressing the stylus’s back-tip, it FAILED to decompress. As a result, my stylus is stuck inside the holding compartment after standard normal use of the stylus feature.

When I got to your Customer Service Centre, the technician there, hid inside your staff backroom as he (I did not see his person) claimed to be checking for faults. He did not leave the backroom and INSTEAD IMMEDIATELY CONCLUDED WITHOUT CLOSE INSPECTION that it was a fault with my back cover (a largely UNRELATED part), and AS OPPOSED TO EXPLAINING WHAT THE FAULT WAS got the front desk staff to do the dirty work and tell me that I had to pay a few HUNDRED SGD to replace the entire back of the phone. AT NO POINT WAS THERE AN ATTEMPT TO EXTRACT THE STYLUS.

It does not give me any faith in your company’s branding when you have lazy or perhaps even technically inept technicians who simply take one second’s glance to dismiss any issues with your products. I know the stylus is the one with the fault, and even as I offered that it simply be extracted, I was told that this cannot be done – I have to replace the entirety of the back case. Which as consumers can easily see is a LIE! Is this the reason why Samsung chose to release unremovable battery casings? To earn of supposed ‘faults with back case’?

I have been a long term supporter of Samsung, and have always thoroughly recommended your products to friends and family. This poor experience could leave me to detract from your entire line, because, even if your products are superficially well-designed, how is a consumer like myself to trust your brand when faults from regular use require ENTIRE OVERHAULS at great expense! $$$ Particularly in the wake of the latest hoo-hah over the company’s exploding battery faults, I think the company should consider their customers’ end-user experience and not leave them in the lurch after sale.

I do not seek to be unreasonable, and am willing to seek second judgement. I merely ask that a trained and diligent technician of yours (of which I’m sure there will be) open up the back case of my phone, and help me dislodge the stylus. I still love the use of the stylus very much, and would like to get on with my Samsung experience. Helping me with getting my stylus back will go a long way in restoring my faith in Samsung.

A.S.S Contributor

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