Any parents out there? Please give friendly advice.

I will like to find out when you parents stop being naked in front of your kids.

My two boys are 5 and 8. I still allow them to see me naked while I am bathing or changing clothes.

The elder one though 8, does not seem to display any particular attention. I am always normal in front of them, and they don’t pay seem to bother too.

The reason that I did not stop them is I don’t feel the need to ‘hide’. Wouldn’t it make them feel more curious to know about mummy’s body or maybe other girl’s body in the future if I keep hiding from them. I tot maybe if they see it frequently, it will become ‘nothing’ in their eyes so their mind will not get too excited or curious about women’s body when they grow up. I don’t want my sons to grow up being to curious about sex and want them to treat it as a normal part of themselves.

I once overheard a boy of age about 7-8 yrs requesting his mum to let him go into the shower so that he can watch her bathe at a public pool. I was at the next cubicle bathing. The mum rejected him. I found it rather funny though. Son wanted to watch mum bathe and mum frantically refusing to let him watch.

While, I intend to stop when my boy shows sign of awkwardness or puberty.
Will it be too late? Are you parents ok with being naked in front of your kids?

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