25-year-old Indonesian maid Murni was hired to take care of an elderly 96 year old who was suffering from dementia and other health problems.

However, Murni was frustrated and so she took it out on the elderly whom she was supposed to care for.

Over a period of 16 months, the elderly was physically abused at least 15 times. This is in spite of the fact that a CCTV had been installed.

Her employer, 50-year-old Madam Ng Lee Cheng had hired Murni to take care of her mother. Madam Ng said Murni was cheerful, liked to sing, watch TV and put on makeup, and didn’t appear to have any psychological problems such as depression.

Murni never showed any unhappiness about her work. Her only complain was that her husband was cheating on her back home.

“She said that she was hoping to renew her contract after it expired in 2 years, and said that she was lucky to have found an employer like me”.

Madam Ng said Murni was given a lot of freedom at home.

“We didn’t interfere when she said she was tired and wanted to rest, or stop her when she was playing games on handphone. We were even worried that she might get bored, so we signed her up for qigong lessons.”

Last September, Madam Ng had the shock of her life when she checked the CCTV.

Murni was seen shaking her mother’s head violently. Murni also used her right arm to hit her on the head.

The CCTV footage showed even more forms of abuse.

The CCTV was installed to monitor Murni. Her previous maid had had brought men home and was sent home when she got pregnant.

Hence, Madam Ng decided to exercise more caution with a new maid. However, what she saw from the CCTV footage shocked her. She immediately rushed home to her mother. Her mother was so afraid of the maid that she denied being abused by Murni at first. She only told Madam Ng about the abuse when Murni went to have her shower. Madam Ng said that her mother thanked her for “saving her life”.

Murni has been sentenced to jail for 10 months.

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