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I have a situation where I am a single parent looking after my 10yr old daughter and bed bound mother. As my mum suffered a stroke, she is unable to walk or write anything as she’s immobile. As her son, I am acting on her behalf to get a Power of Attorney to assist her with the sale of my parents’ house and moving into another house to lessen the financial burden for my mothers’ hospitilisation and me. I contacted Vexus Law after seeing their ad on google with a very reasonable fee of $160. As every dollar counts, I decided to engage their services to do up our POA. I required them to do the paperworks at my mum’s ward. They then said it was $160 for POA and $300 for transport. So I clarified and asked them $300 for transport? And for that they called me stupid and that I am not aware of lawyers’ transportation costs?? Were the lawyers intending to take a budget flight to get the paperwork done? Or has transportation of petrol prices has risen so much so I’m oblivious to it? The word here is fee for transportation at $300. I would have accepted if that’s the cost for services. But transportation? And I’m not even questioning the lack of ethics Vexus Law firm has towards its clients.

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