Dear A.S.S,

I was given a summon by the traffic police for beating a red light at bendemer area. I was taken by surprise as I did not remember doing so. After going down to the traffic police to demand the evidence of such action, the officer told me ” This type of offence cann appeal one. Once you see the picture you will know and confirm cannot appeal.” I felt offended as I just wanted to confirm that I did committed an offence for beating the traffic light. Suddenly, he just said ” Oh oh….. there is no picture”. Then I asked him why and how can they claimed that I have committed an offence. He said that beating a red light is a big offence therefore cannot appeal. But I told him I’m not appealling but asking for evidence. Then he keeps asking me “then how?”. This really make my blood boil. I said you can judge a person with no picture evidence. it is the officer’s words against mine.

After that I sent in the “appeal” over to their spf website and a letter is returned saying that the officer is ready to face the judge. I was like ” hello! $200 fine 12 points you expect me to hire my lawyer for 10 to 20x the amount to fight? Crazy.”

These “officers” can just note down any damn offence they like and put it on you as they like without evidence. I was thinking, why not say I knock down a pedestrian, show them a middle finger, throw litter, shouted at them or speed more than 200km/hrs at housing estate. No evidence but They can swear by their rank la.

Moral of the story, maybe becoz I cheated on their sisters or mothers ( which I never did anything this stupid) , dun piss SPF people, they can say all they want without evidence and charge you for it, knowing you that it will be too expensive for you to seek professional help.

Thank you so much SPF! $200 won’t make you fat.

A.S.S Contributor

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