A resident staying at Punggol Drive shares the dire situation faced by the residents there.

“Aedes mozzies in my and my neighbors house. Punggol Drive. We have a #Waterwaybrooks fb group and neighbors were all posting pics of their kills. We have been reporting to town council and #NEA. At least for my house, we have been reporting even before #Zika broke out. In a day, we can kill up to 6 mozzies and have at least 3-4 of them escape – while staying indoors.”

Meanwhile, the number of Zika cases in Singapore hit 215 as of yesterday, cementing Singapore’s status as the worst hit Zika-infected country in Southeast Asia.

Researchers have confirmed that the strain of Zika found in Singapore’s cases originates from Asia and is not related to the virus spreading in the Americas.

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