This is what happened to me yesterday. i was invited to join a private dinner with some business owners yesterday by a CEO friend. At the event, I met a well-dressed Chinese lady in her mid 40s by the name by Dr XXXX whose business card claimed to be the Managing Partner of a Foundation Ltd. She said she has donated $500, 000 to a local tertiary institution and hundreds of thousands dollars to a charity run by someone I know. This lady stated that she came from a poor family but worked her way up and now has established her own VC fund and foundation. Her next plan is to build schools for the poor in Cambodia. Of course, all of us at the dinner table were very impressed with her and her convincing story. I even introduced one of my actress friends to her at the event.

When I arrived home after the dinner, she texted me many messages and showed me a link of a Youtube video of photo montage of how her Foundation had donated huge amount of money and even gave me her HR manager’s email address for future liaison. (I emailed her HR manager but the email bounced back immediately)

Hold and behold! This morning, she started texting me to share her story on how she has lost her wallet yesterday night in a cab and is now in urgent need of $8,000 to pay for her service apartment rental due today. She told me that it all just happened that she decided to take cab yesterday instead of being chauffeured and her loss just happened.

I verified what she said with the host and some guests yesterday and realised that all of them have received the same messages. The CEO host who invited me only met her yesterday even though this con lady claimed that they both know each other for years.

This lady was very skilful and persuasive and I was nearly conned by her to part with $8, 000 to loan to her. However, there were too many loopholes in her stories especially I could sense her “selling skills” kicking in aggressively after she thought I have believed in.

Please open your ears and eyes to SEE and HEAR beyond what others said to you. They are too many hot air balloons floating around trying to inflate their status and wealth. I have met too many of these jokers. Do be very careful and alert in meeting new people. Cheers.

Richard Giam
A.S.S. Contributor

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