We have received word from our readers that Bosco Chew has been hiding behind the profile pic of a famous Singaporean model. The model is none other than Ngen Geliang and he has been featured on SAF newsletters and other publications for his handsome good looks and contributions to Singapore.

This adds “identity theft” to the list of crimes that Bosco Chew has committed.

Read our reader’s account here.

“Hi everyone!

Please don’t confuse our local model Ngen Geliang with this coward who hides behind his keyboard and types insults.

Ngen is an outstanding Singaporean son. He has served his NS and would never be involved with a low life like Bosco Chew.

Now this Bosco Chew is going around pretending to be a handsome young man and stealing Ngen’s images. He thinks that by doing so people will bother to take him seriously, but deep down he knows he’s an ugly prick with no upbringing. I pity his parents for raising an ingrate and a hooligan like him.

I hope this clears Ngen Geliang’s name. Don’t be fooled by this Malaysian keyboard warrior!”

A.S.S. Contributor

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