In Singapore schools have a strict no long hair, no coloured hair grooming rule. But sometimes when you blindly enforce rules, things might not always make sense.

I went to Montfort secondary school , it was a pretty good school it just celebrated it’s 100 year anniversary.

Anyway, i was 15 years old and my school DM (discipline master) had an issue with my hair being too long,he wanted to cut my hair and i protested. I told him that i was not giving him consent and that i would be shaving my head for the hair for hope cancer charity thingy the next day anyway so cutting my hair now would be a little dumb.

The DM being the inflexible typical singaporean drone made the argument that the other students might feel that it was unfair for me to have long hair, my counter argument against the imaginary students that might take issue with my hair length due to “fairness” was that he could tell them that i would be shaving my whole head the next day.

He however operated on routine instead of logic, so he gave me a blue form which meant that i had to go home and i couldn’t participate in the day’s lessons.

Me being the rebellious smart ass i was, thought it would be fun to attend the classes any way, i found going to class more appealing since the DM didn’t want me to go for them. I also thought it would be funny to have the DM scolding me for going to class when he usually punishes people for skipping them.

He caught me in a few classes, my reaction would be to walk out and then sneak back in later on. By the time he caught me in the third class he was pretty pissed off.

DM: Ben you are distracting the class

Me: No im not, you are the one coming into all my classes and stoping me from learning

DM: that is because your hair is too long

Me: So i my hair stopping me from studying or are you stopping me right now?

DM: i am stopping you because of your hair

Me: Look i will shave my whole head tomorrow for the hair for hope charity thingy, i do it every year.

DM: No the school has rules, if you hair isn’t acceptable you cannot come to school.

So then he escorted me out of school, it was fun showing the whole class how stupid it could be to blindly follow the rules, it was a plus having the DM disrupt class while i was trying so hard to attend them.

Anyway the next day i came to school and my head was shaved, the DM looked at me awkwardly and went on his way.

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