Hi All Singapore Stuff,

I would like to appeal for eye-witness or video footage for my grandma car accident that occurred on 02 Sept 2016 (Friday) at around 10am in the morning along Bukit Panjang, Pending Road.

The accident involved a bus, PB3658H and my grandma who was on the roadside waiting for taxi.

My grandma was pronouced dead at NUH late morning at around 11.15 am to 11.30 am due to the driver neligence

We will being told that the driver of the bus parked the car on the roadside in the down slope of the road along pending road, the bus rolled down the road and hit my grandma who was waiting on the roadside waiting for a taxi back from her morning marketing.

The driver claimed that he was not in the bus when the incident happened, he said that he went to toliet and he is back from toliet, the whole accident happen.

The bus hit on a road sign, and went up the pavement over a distance. The road sign hit on my grandma half of the face. The impact seem to be quite huge. My grandma leg had open wound with bone seen.

But i feel that there is something amissed in this accident, thus, i would like to appeal eye witness and car footage.. Please help.. Thank you in advance.

Photos provided was the aftermath accident photo.

Agnes Chai
A.S.S. Contributor

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