The fact that the constitution has to be amended and rules need be tweaked to, firstly, prevent Dr Tan Cheng Bock from moving into the Istana and secondly to allow a minority (read Malay as the Indians have already had two of their own) to be elected as President show firstly, how dirty the PAP is and secondly, how its policies to integrate Singaporeans of different races and build a united country for the past 5 decades of its rule have failed miserably.

The expected raising of the bar would disqualify Dr Tan Cheng Bock from contesting while the lip service given to the national language and the perceived disloyalty of the Malays emanating from the PAP’s ill conceived NS and other policies such as immigration, SAP Schools, etc, have prevented Singaporeans of all races from intergrating as one united people.

Unlike what is happening here our close neighbour Indonesia did it differently, where its national language is spoken fluently by all its citizens. They did not find the need the tweak its electoral rules enabling Ah Hock, an ethnic minority to be elected as governor of Jakarta without much fuss.

Similarly the Americans did not amend its constitution to allow Obama, an African American whose ancestors came from Kenya, to be elected as President.
The PAP is really a sick, racist party which does not practise what it preaches. Wayang and more wayang all the way – for 57 long years since 1959, to keep itself in power.

Furthermore, Singaporean are not so stupid as to believe that a CEO who manages a $200 million company, for instance, is necessarily more capable than one who is in charge a $100 million company. The fact of the matter is they just want a president whom they can go to bed with.

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