Hey guys i am 23 and even i get bullied sometimes. This guy Alvin Sim was offended my my post about “religion” i am guess it was about the seven month post, but i can’t tell for sure because he hasn’t said actually talked about it. He stays around hougang, i think i have seen him before.

Now Alvin Sim wants to meet me in real life… how old already want to threaten people ? You think we still in secondary school is it? You have a wife and kid and you still behave like a secondary school bully?

So if anything happens to me in the next few days it’s confirm Alvin Sim, or at the very least he is suspect number one.

So this guy starts sending me threats online, saying he will “see me” and he cannot say too much because it might be criminal intimidation. During the conversation he didn’t say what his problem was or cite the post i made that offended him. He is an employee at helping hands at kovan. I hope they can help guide him and tell him it is wrong to threaten people, there are better ways and you can just talk about your problems.

Anyway this guy lives near me and i have seen him a couple of times, i am considering making a police report because of his threatening behaviour.

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