Dear ASS Editors,

Singapore netizen Albert Tay made a fair observation on how PAP governments reacted to crisis and events. When it comes to serious incidents that could damage their reputation, they will tell Singaporeans to remain calm and to not get worked up. However, when WP makes a small mistake, PAP will raise the cudgels and call for blood. Albert said this:

“Mas Selamat escape: Please remain calm
Hep C outbreak: Please remain calm
MRT breakdown: Please remain calm
Zika virus: Please remain calm

WP small lapses: Please raise this up, hara kiri, don’t hide, be honest, don’t vote for them

Temasek losses: Shhh…”

If this is not double standards I don’t know what else is. Why are PAP able to accept lax standards for their failings but create a storm in a teacup when it comes to matters of the Opposition? Is this fair politics? Singaporeans need to see the difference in treatment for themselves and ask if this is really what you want in Singapore.

Albert Tay, thanks you for speaking the truth, and for doing your duty to wake up our fellow Singaporeans.

Chee Hao
A.S.S. Contributor

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