Any mommies wean ur child off iPad or smartphone or electronic gadgets before? What do you observe on ur child during the weaning period and any difference after the weaning? Especially the kids whom are very addicted.

Personal experience. My girl used to stay overnight at my mom’s place every Friday night and she will be on the iPad from the time she reach there until 2-3am because my mom refuse to stop her. She will come home next time very tired, very short temper, extra rude for the next 2 days. She gets very restless n bored not knowing what to do. Cannot pay attention in class too.

These symptoms usually gets better by mid-week then cycle again wen she comes home on Sat. Eventually we decide to stop her stayovers, she was very very upset initially but after 1-2 weeks it got better and we didn’t need to go through the cycle anymore.
This was wen she was 6-7yo period.

I read from a friend on how her son became very agitated n violent towards them when she start to wean her son off iPad. It lasted for awhile while she continue to encourage n engage her son in other activities. After the rehabilitation period, her son starting to revert to who he was before iPad, talk more, n connect more to people too.

This prompt me to think, is the addiction to electronic gadgets how powerful than we realise? Would you realise if your child (including toddlers n infants) are addicted to electronic gadget entertainments already?

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