The wayang on having a minority candidate for Pesident has started and the outcome is a foregone conclusion. The cowardly PAP has again stooped lower than an abyss in another attempt to prevent transparency from seeing daylight.

The need to legislate the race of a presidential candidate would mean millions thrown at fostering racial integration have gone down the drain. For 51 years, Singaporeans have been disregarding “regardless of race, …” when reciting our National Pledge in school..If not, PAP should not be playing the racial card.

PAP has already decided on its candidate and not pai seh to amend the Constitution to favourably ‘qualify’ its candidate.

PAP is not wrong about the underrepresentation of minority races in leadership positions as this is evident in the entire government. It should not miss the PAP forest for the presidential tree.

For example, the Army, which has an important role to play in the defence of our multi racial country, doesn’t have any 3-star generals from the minority races. If fact, there isn’t even a Malay/Indian/Eurasian 2-star general. Perhaps this was due to LKY who was not in favour of having Malays in the military?

If you are going to put a very religious person from any race, not just Malays or only in charge of a machine-gun unit, you are asking for trouble. It goes to show the flaws in the selection process, a stupid one at that.

What about the Navy? Hmm … also no Admirals from the minority races.

I thought it was a coincidence and paid a visit to the PMO website to get to know our perm secs better. Maybe no one from the minority race in military leadership positions is understandable because of what LKY had said.

And this is what I discovered: all 14 perm secs are Chinese!

Ms Yeo Chee Yan
Chan Yeng Kit
Ms Chan Lai Fung
Mrs Tan Ching Yee
Chee Wee Kiong
Chan Heng Kee
Leo Yip
Ng How Yue
Auback Kam,
Mrs Foong Pheng
Chew Hock Yong
Choi Shing Kwok
Loh Khum Yean
Pang Kin Keong

And what about their mostly Chinese assistants?

WTF … is there really no racial discrimination at play? Shouldn’t the government also legislate to ensure there is minority representation in all ministries?

To top that, our statutory board CEOs and top management positions in all government linked companies are all underrepresented by citizens from minority races.

Is this the desired outcome of more than 5 decades of integration? Why are our Chinese leaders selecting their own clan members over other races?

Our leader, PM Lee, has to be held accountable for this failure. PAP has to walk the talk and instead of only legislating a minority race for president, why not legislate a minority race for PM?

Singaporeans are ready for a non-Chinese PM as is evidenced by the Chinese majority in Bukit Batok electing an Indian MP, Pillai.

PAP has also said “Singapore cannot afford to let minorities be shut out of the highest office of the land for too long”. 5 decades is certainly ‘too long’ and the “highest office of the land” is not one held by a hand-shaking-puppet president; it is the prime minister’s office.

MPs should seriously consider amending the Constitution to have a minority PM from time to time. After all, we have had a Chinese PM for half a century who has filled top positions in the civil service, military and GLCs with their own ‘clan’ members.

From conversations with friends, all do not want a continuation of dynastic politics and are in favour of DPM Tharman as PM. If it’s time to support a candidate from the minority races for president, it’s even more urgent to have a non-Chinese PM. What do you think?

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