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East Meadows Condominium Security Team supervisor and operations manager showed very poor attitude towards residents. One of their guards Syafiq badmouthed residents on Facebook, thinks that the people living in our condo have low IQ and less education than himself.

Surprisingly, Muhd Sahfahri, the business development manager of Soverus, their security company, agreed and says “i feel u bro”.

So now they will bite the hand that feeds them?

Not only poor attitude, they have poor work ethics! When Syafiq has no mood to work, Paul Lim, also a security officer from the same company, suggested for him to take MC. What’s worse, P J Soh, the operations manager of the security team at East Meadows adds on that “He mc means tomorrow i also mc”.

Syafiq, Syafiq, Why are you being such a hypocrite?

What you have said about people living in a condo and now you feel enraged about being exposed?

Dear residents of East Meadows, please do not provoke our Security Officer, he will “#lawegivehimalesson” together with Operations Manager P J Soh.

After being exposed, most of the posts have since been deleted from Syafiq’s Facebook following cover ups by East Meadow security team.

Angry Condo Resident
A.S.S. Contributor

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