Last night got a call in booking at Far east plaza to Pandan Valley, to be pick up at taxi stand, got it and turn in from main road. Saw a super long queue there, so as I approach the queue, suddenly I got cancelled. So LL pick up the first pax, a lady, first in queue. Suddenly a man come out from no where and got into my cab and join the lady.

The lady said “Pandan Valley” so I ask them are u Mr xxxx, the man who just hop into the cab, say yes. I told him that I reached aldy and u guys saw me and cancel booking. I will still charged u booking fee. He reply” I have done the proper procedure to cancel your booking, u can’t charge me. ” so I was thinking, never mind, just drive on. As I turning out from Far East plaza, the man spoke to the lady in Malay ” lucky I see the cab and I cancel on time to save booking fee.” Giggle loudly and the lady praised the man, u smart guy! They dunno I understand Malay, too bad.

After hearing that, I chut pattern liao. Drove them towards tomlinsin road, and exactly at the traffic light, I turn off my ignition and pretend to crank and crank…. But didn’t start, told them my car break down and they have to take a cab. So they are cursing and swearing in malay as they walk away from me.

I put up warning triangle and stand at roadside, watch the two cheapo walk away from me as there is no taxi around there and quite ulu. After I didnt see them, I keep my traingle and drove off and got another long distance booking to cover back.

So the moral of story is: We are out there to earn a proper living, so pls dun take us like a fool. U pax are clever, doesn’t means we drivers are stupid. You chut pattern, I play badminton. Ha, ha, ha……

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