What Gan Kim Yong is saying is that they (whoever they are) missed detecting the infected cases. And that it was only after the first case was confirmed yesterday that they went back and retested those earlier cases which had escaped detection; and it was from these tests that they discovered the 41 cases yesterday/today.

Am I right? If so, there are quite a few questions to be asked, isn’t there? For a start, how with all the warnings about possible Zika cases coming here, we still could not detect cases right under our noses?

Clearly, there are some very serious failures here not unlike the Hepatitis C incident.

Problem solved. No heads gonna roll cos we don’t want to promote a blame culture.

So we lost 1 month in perhaps doing more to stop the Zika virus from spreading. It’s only now, 28 August that we are upping vector control measures.
And those people who were actually infected lost precious time in being treated.

Great job, Gan Kim Yong. Your leadership sure inspire confidence. First Hep C contamination and deaths. Now Zika virus escapes detection right under your nose.

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