Hello. Greetings everybody.

I am Ruban raj & precisely as you think; this is a post of me that has been revolving & shared around since 280816.

It is an uttermost grievous & distressing period for me, family & friends who have come across the posts, comments & condemnatory views.

I am not disapproving of it. But I urge everyone to stop for a moment & ask your-self the root of the source it was from & how reliable the accusation was just by having my picture there.

The conversation dated on the screenshots was on the 21st of June.

Blessing in disguise; as some of my close friends already are aware, I was serving an imprisonment term from the 4th of April to 2nd of August. Later on to be placed under a home detention scheme subsequently commencing from 2nd of august.

Singapore prisons & most prisons under operation in this globe do not allow inmates to have access over any form of communication devices; I believe you would have known. I was not able to access any of such social media, communication devices and Internet access.

I received harassing messages yesterday, 28th of august regarding failure to pay for “services” rendered in a harsh manner which I chose to ignore. Which led to the posts on carousel & the shares on Facebook subsequently? I was forced to de-activate every of my social media accounts to avoid the ‘heat-of-the-moment’ defamatory messages I received.

A police report has been lodged on the numbers that were used to contact me, the carousel account & the first few to thread this on. Most importantly, on those who might have misused my identity to satisfy personal needs or sabotage me. I am unable to post any more information as I’m seeking legal advice to seek restitution for the grievous impact this has caused my family & I’m advised not to discuss in-depth.

We live in an extremely judgmental world yet an irrational one. A fast-paced on negativity, assumptions & condemnatory; yet lagging on comprehending simple empathy. This isn’t wholly about me. It’s about you too; at the risk of it happening to anyone.

I kindly urge everyone who have seen the post about me or shared to share this too. All those who have shared the post, please do kindly delete it. This is an extremely difficult time-frame for everyone who have known me; please do share & don’t judge quickly or spread naively further on. I appreciate every kind & supportive message I’ve received. Thank you. Peace.

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