9:30pm i was lying on my bed and my friend knock my door n asked for my help .. He said he lost his wallet when reached home from hougang ntuc .. We walked all the way from ours house to ntuc , we keep searching his wallet .. Still cannot find ..

Around 10pm We went to hougang avenue 7 neighbourhood police station to make report .. While policeman taking the report , someone just called my friend , he introduced his name as Mr Lee .. He said he found my friend wallet and he sent to hougang avenue 9 neighbourhoods police station .. We cancelled our report here n we took taxi to there .. Once we reached there , Mr Lee waited for us outside the police station .. We go inside and after finished all the procedure ..

We checked n not even single thing missing .. We walked outside and we offer him some money to express our thanks to him .. He definitely refused my friend money and tell us some good advice .. He said be carefull next time bcse he had experient like us before .. He said its very teribble ..

Even though inside doesn’t have a lot money but it could be troublesome when we lost many important cards..

To Mr Lee .. U did great job as a singaporean.. U deserve our respect.. Hopefully our new generation make a good example of him ..

TQ Mr Lee

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