Dear All Singapore Stuff,

Aljunied Crescent is now the hotspot for zika virus after the MOH’s slow handling of the initial outbreak. If MOH gave us early notice, we would have taken measures to protects ourselves more. I live in Sims Drive and my pregnant wife is living in fear since news of the zika outbreak was released.

She is heavily pregnant and extremely worried for our unborn child. She refused to step out of the house to go to work and turns on the air conditioner the whole day. She is living in so much fear that just one bite from a zika infected mosquito will cause irreparable brain damage to our child. I am very disappointed in MOH for their tardiness in dealing with the zika virus. The Government wants us to have babies but you fail to protect those who heed their call?

It does not help that there are so many construction sites in the area. All these constructions sites are prime locations for mosquitoes to breed due to the lack of cleaning up by the workers. There is another condo being constructed near Aljunied MRT, construction at Geylang polyclinic and construction of commercial building opposite the Sims @ Oasis condo where 36 workers were infected! All these construction site must be monitored at all cost and make sure they do not become mosquito breeding ground…

MOH start taking strong measures or i swear to God I will vote Opposition next GE.

Martin Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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