After reading the terrifying experience of a pregnant Sims Drive resident who lives in the epicenter of the zika outbreak, netizen Sherynn Ellyadi who also lives in the same area shared her fears and trepidation of living in the infected area. She shared the extreme measures she had to take to protect her unborn child from the dangers of zika.

This was what she said on Facebook:

“I’m staying sims drive blk 54 too..just opposite the 34 infected construction worker at (sims oasis condo).. i am 39 weeks + 1 today…crazy ass worry about this zika outbreak. windows all shuts too..worst is i’ve no air con..so i feel like a grill satay right now!!

And paranoid over this zika outbreak..but the hdb just call up my mommy..earlier..because they detected me (pregnant lady) living in this unit..so they demand us to evacuate immediately..for my baby safety.. As i heard latest is next Wednesday.. Omg! This is so crazy!

On my case if i were to get affected it can lead my baby to still born.. Because i’m on the 3rd trimester right now”

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