3 tight slap for taxi drivers.

First slap when your job are lost to FT due to open foreign talent policy to cruise economic growth. You left with driving a taxi to earn a living….

Second slap when LTA regulated GrabCar/Uber instead of protecting the taxi industry thus affecting your income. PM said you can always go to the other side if the offers is good…..

Third slap when this driverless will start to roam the road, affect even further on your income making it difficult to substain the cost of living in the world most expensive city.

It is good to be innovative and progress towards a better futuristic lifestyle but dun just introduced changes without giving alternative solution to those affected especially it concerns the livelihood of 40,000 to 50,000 taxi Drivers and their families.

It will be a Long and hard process to adapt to these changes. It will have dire consequences and difficulties faced by these affected drivers.

This is not a game of LEGO where u can built and discard and built again, it affect people’s life.

Will the gov offer alternative replacement job for those dearly affected? Did the gov considered the plight these Drivers will go thru before they introduced changes? Did the gov introduced any plan for the Drivers to cushion the impact?

The answer is ???

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