Dear Editor,

Please help me put up this post. It is really too much.

I ordered a Circles Life SIM card and the delivery man from Singpost came this morning. I was having my kidney dialysis session in my bedroom but I stopped immediately just to attend to him.

When I greeted him, I did it very politely and without any hint of unhappiness that I was disturbed from my procedure. So he asked me for my ID or passport, but I had recently lost these two items. I passed him another ID and my bank details to verify, and told him that he could make a call to the bank. He refused and said that I am not the authorized person to collect the SIM card, even though the delivery address clearly said Michael Samson Sew.

What a joke!

I told him not to play as I need my SIM card to work, but he was not willing to give the SIM card to me. I told him that two weeks ago, another delivery man came to my house to deliver another item and he had no problems accepting my temporary ID, so why can’t he accept it? He refused again and even left a note on my door saying that he couldn’t deliver the goods, and even insulted me by saying that he won’t let a “dog” touch the SIM card and left.

I made a call immediately to get my SIM card from Singpost, and the customer service says they will get back to me but took no action at all the whole day. I called them six times the whole day and they wouldn’t even bother to remedy their terrible customer service.

I am very disturbed and hurt by the insult against me by this unprofessional Singpost delivery man. Where is the justice? Singpost can treat us customers like shit just because Temasek Holdings owns a stake in their company is it? Even their delivery man can scold customers when they feel like it. I feel deeply hurt that I am being treated as dog,

Michael Sew
A.S.S. Contributor

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