Dear ASS,

As I woke up today, I was greeted by the familiar and comforting odor of smoke assaulting my nostrils – none other than our beloved haze!

The haze is like a dear friend whom we’ve known for almost twenty years – since 1997. Wow, we go way back!

I took a deep breath. Ahhh, it seems to be Kalimantan peat flavor today, my favourite! I recall reading in the papers that the Indonesian government said the fires were relatively harmless. But they imposed record-breaking fines on the companies last year!

I felt a deep sense of gratitude to our wise Indonesian leaders for ensuring that we get to appreciate our favorite smoke yearly apart from the fresh air that they send over. I am sure Minister Kalla knows best for our health as he has been the chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross since 2009 (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jusuf_Kalla).

Yes yes, we know we should not be too vocal with our appreciation. Minister Siti has already told us that they will be letting us know their decisions on all bilateral matters later on

Anyway she’s busy negotiating with the paper companies so diam and MYOB ok!

Thank you so much for the air!

A.S.S Contributor

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