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Read of other who fell prey to this unethical, dishonest, and exploitative vendor.


A friend just fell victim too.

Same modus operandi, same dirty tricks

Salesman : Kidd, Hougang Mall

Outlet Manager : Cruise Tan

Company in charge : Darren Koh

Would you buy and pay for a bed end June 2016, only to suffer restless nights
till today, 14/8/16, as the bed and mattress delivered to you were, and still
are, NOT what you have ordered and paid for? Can you sleep with peace of
mind, having to take care & ensure not to dirty or soil the (cheaper)mattress
which would then become yours as it is only “ON LOAN” (Without you being a
willing party to such arrangement, nor you having any prior knowledge of it)

Does the Lemon Law apply and would it be able to really protect consumers?

Does this not contravene the Sale of Goods Act that the buyer is entitled to
quiet possession of goods contracted?

Would you still have any faith, trust and confidence in such unethical
vendors and crooks who stall for time and repeatedly fail to deliver their
part of the deal as promised?

As of today, Buyer has zero equitable solution/redress/consumer rights and
protection, despite the relevant authority having stepped in.

Nearly 2 months elapsed since first payment made to vendor, repeated
unfulfilled delivery, and finally an empty assurance by the outlet manager
that a cancellation of order and refund of monies paid would be processed.
The rogue vendor now says that goods are ready and wants buyer’s acceptance.

Would you be repeatedly patronised like this or would you want a refund, end
the frustration, have a just/fair closure, and move on?

Take a look at the SGA below which covers delivery of goods. Sadly, at the
rate things are going, those dishonest and irresponsible guys may get away
without any penalty for misrepresentation and the breach of condition and
contract with no equitable remedies for the wronged buyer.

Consumer rights and protection?

Until the relevant authorities are able to put a firm foot down on such
errant businesses, take them to task, and walk the talk to truly protect
consumer’s interest, they would probably only be viewed as all bark and no

Be warned, don’t be prey !

Sale of Goods Act


B. Stipulations as to time of payment not of essence

9.3.2 Section 10(1) specifically provides that stipulations as to time of
payment are not of the essence of the contract unless a different intention
appears from the contract. That something is of the essence of the contract
is another way of saying that it is a condition of the contract.

Under section 10(2), whether other time stipulations are of the essence of
the contract depends on the terms of the contract. ** Case law has
established that clauses regarding the time of delivery in ordinary
commercial contracts of sale of goods are usually of the essence (Himatsing &
Co v P R Joitaram [1970] 2 MLJ 246)

NOTE : Similarly, my ppst/comment in the unethical vendor’s Facebook page had
also been deleted by them.

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