A morbidly obese 57 year-old Malaysian woman assaulted an air stewardess onboard a Tiger Airways plane in February after a fellow passenger accidentally caused a pair of crutches to fall and hit the Malaysian woman on her head.

The 57 year-old hairstylist, Chong Nyok Kiew, was on board a flight from KL, Malaysia, to Singapore on 23 February. When the flight departed, stewardess Veronica Siau Yen Ting, 26, informed passengers seated near Chong that she had stored a pair of crutches belonging to another passenger in the overhead compartment and told them to be careful when handling their overhead baggage.

When the flight landed however, one of the passengers opened the overhead compartment and caused one of the crutches to fall on Chong’s head.

A raging Chong complained loudly in Mandarin that she “wanted to know how the cabin crew would answer for this” and that “sorry was no cure”. Miss Siau took the crutches and returned them to the owner, and apologised profusely to Chong.

However, Chong was not placated and as passengers were walking out of the plane, Chong confronted Ms Siau demanding to know why Miss Siau had allowed the crutch to fall on her and asking for compensation. Miss Siau requested that Chong move aside to allow other passengers to get out of the plane, telling her to calm down and apologizing yet again.

Chong responded by punching Miss Siau on her left check and shoulder. The flight stewardess then told the pilot to call the police while another Tiger Airways staff prevented Chong from leaving the plane.

While waiting for policemen to arrive, Chong kept saying: “I hit a person and you call the police.

“Something hit my head, nothing happens.

“Now, I punch her, it’s fair.”

Chong was jailed five days.

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