For the benefit of those folks who are mindlessly listening/spewing rubbish but too lazy to do simple research: L-Theanine is an organic compound (amino acid) found in teas and has no problem in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea. In Japan, L-theanine has been approved for use in all foods, including herb teas, soft drinks, desserts, etc. with some restrictions applying to infant foods. It is generally recognized as safe by FDA and is sold as a dietary supplement in the US. (e.g: GNC sells them in bottles.) Mainly used to relieve stress/anxiety, treat insomnia, by inducing a relaxing effect, L-Theanine may also possess immunologic attributes, effects on the cardiovascular system and play a preventative role in cancer (by making cancer drugs more effective). It is however, prohibited in Germany and the European region as clinical information to support the latter benefits/effects is lacking.

I am not saying its definitely safe, but chances are we consume much more L-Theanine in health supplements and other tea products like green tea… … and we are still fine. Yes, you are not going to die, you freaking wuss. Folks who have peanuts allergies have it harder but peanuts are not banned.

Jokingly, it is more likely due to the ‘raging-through-the-roof’ sales of Chun Cui He (Abana Singapore Pte Ltd) that their ‘registration fees’ and import tax are being reassessed accordingly by the local authorities. Don’t be alarmed when these beverages are allowed back in stores but with an even higher price.

(By the way, if you are one of those greedy douche-bags who is raiding stores for cartons of these drinks, I hope you get explosive diarrhea for weeks counting. Regardless of the recall, stop hogging and give others a chance to try.)

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