Don’t you find it funny? Since the PAP government like to emphasize national identity, loyalty to country, and demand all Singaporeans to serve their “national service”, why they allow the people who collaborate with the Japanese and then the British to rule our country?

I not naming any names, but you know who are the ones who worked for the Japanese when the British surrendered. These people managed to get into power, then get voted in to become government for close to 60 years. When die, still got state funeral for them. So good?

One PAP IB says that Nathan was forced to work as translator for the Jap during WW2 for the “sake of survivial”, so it is justified.” Then I think we should scrap NS conscription because we can all work harmoniously for any invading enemy forces to save our own skin.

Today if our Singaporean NS men surrender and work for the enemy, what do you think will happen to them? PAP government will charge them under the maximum penalty of the law for sure.

Why this government so hypocritical one? No wonder somebody keep letting foreigners in, because where got national identity when our founding leaders set this kind of example?

A.S.S. Contributor

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