Dear A.S.S,

Seeking advice on some nasty neighbours. We have been staying in this HDB flat for almost 30 years, we have seen many of our neighbours moving in and out over the years, never had we once have any issues with any of them.

Approximately two years back, a new neighbour moved in to the unit next to us (we are living in a corner unit), they were a family of three, an old couple together with their middle age single daughter. After moving in, things were normal, except that they never talked nor do they open their door and windows.

Soon after moving in, they threw away our stuff, demand that we move our shoe rack away (do note that we live in a corner unit with ample corridor space) and also some of our plants. My grandmother, who is in her 70s obliged and did so. Things were back to normal for a few months, but hell came crashing down yet again. They demanded that we fully remove our shoe rack, as the smell of the shoes makes them uneasy, as well as that the area of the corridor belongs to them because its below their window. They also demanded us to remove the handy tools that we kept in our cabinet, as they were afraid someone might use it to break into their homes.

At this point, my family couldn’t take it anymore, we were so fed up with their nonsense that we decided to ignore them any not give in to them anymore. But they kept pestering our grandmother while we were away at work and school.

During one of the MP’s house visit, we confronted them along with the MP, Town Council, SPF and HDB, we came to a conclusion that day. Few weeks later, they turned the story around and approached HDB to complain and sent a few HDB personnel to our house to warn us to remove our shoe rack.

Recently, they are using another tactic, by approaching CMC for mediation.

The thing is, we are very sick and tired of their antics and do not wish to even have any contact with them anymore, please advice us on what we should do.

Long suffering neighbour
A.S.S Contributor

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