A reader working at IBM in Jalan Bukit Merah shared with us this story while he was out for lunch one afternoon on 20th August.

He and his colleague Raffique were out for lunch at Brickworks Market when they heard an argument between a large 40 plus year-old man and a young and smaller-sized Indian man, who was dressed in an IKEA uniform.

Even though the IKEA staff maintained a softer and less aggressive tone, the bigger Indian man continued to shout at the younger man in anger.

After the incident, our reader and his colleague approached the victim and asked him what happened. They were told that the angry man was a stall owner of a drink store in the market. The victim would usually buy drinks from a rival stall owner in the market, but as his favorite drink stall was closed, he had no choice but to buy from this aggressive stall owner.

When the aggressive stall owner, who was drunk, recognized the victim as a regular patron of his rival, he refused to serve him drinks, threatened the victim by saying that he was part of a gang there and assaulted him.

This left our reader and his colleague feeling disgusted and angry with the authorities for failing to control the alcohol consumption in hawker centers.

Should the authorities consider banning alcohol in all hawker centers?

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