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Please post about this incident to raise awareness.

From what i read in the comments of the original post. It happened at Blk 480 Segar Road. Owner lives on 9th floor.

Dog was found dead beside the rubbish collection point with blood on a wooden pallet nearby. Initially people suspect it was a case of dog abuse due to the wooden pallet with blood on it. However, some kind samaritans went down to the location and called the police. Police came and cordoned off the area. After a while (unsure how long), 2 young punksters came and claimed they are the owner of the dog and apparently the dog jumped off the kitchen window on its own as they forgot to close it. Owner claim they will collect the dog and cremate it. Probably police will close the case thereafter.
(above info from comments of original post)

Is it really that simple? What do you think?

There are a few puzzling points
1) dog is a large breed dog, it is quite difficult for it to climb and jump over a kitchen window
2) there is no loud thud heard of things landing from eye witness.
3) people mentioned that they heard wailing of the dog before finding the dog beside the rubbish collection point.
4) there is a wood plank with blood stains on it.
5) owner took very long to appear to claim the dead dog
6) if it is an accident like what owner claimed, why didnt it shook them and make them devastated since they claimed to the police that the dog is like their child?

I believe so that not everyone of us is an animal lover. I have seen people throwing dirty looks at the dog when one walk by but most would simply just walk away from them if they do not like them. There is no need for everyone to love animals like how others do, but the very least is to leave them alone (stray or owned animals) and bully, hit or even kill them.
Not alleging that the owner killed the dog, but regardless, the police should investigate further instead of closing the case the very moment owners turn up to claim ownership of the dead dog. Just like how if a human is dead, the police wouldnt close case if someone claimed to be the family member and will cremate it. Isnt it? Hope SPF will investigate this. Yes, it is just a dog, but if one can kill a cat, kill a dog, kill a rat, one day that person will start killing human. Singapore’s rule of thumb is to prevent things from happening isnt it so?

PS : original post comments states that SPCA is called but no one from SPCA went down. Erm… So what is it about preventing animal abuse if they do not even bother to head down to the crime scene to investigate?

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