Sharing my story here and seeking advice.

I have a colleague who’s very close to me at work. She’s a fair skinned, pretty young Chinese lady who just joined us last year.

When she and I worked together on a project, I find her very likeable and keep her as a friend. We went out for lunch with colleagues, always in a big group, and we made sure to keep the relationship purely platonic.

Then today we were playing sports together for our organization team when I accidentally slipped and fell down. I hurt my ankle a little and the person who extended her hand to me was my pretty young colleague.

She held my hand and pulled me back up, and helped me to sit down at a bench nearby.

This is the first time I am so close to her and I felt guilty about it to my wife. Even though I was injured.

Is this considered cheating?

Guilty Consciences
A.S.S. Contributor

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