A little observation:

After JB Jeyaretnam won Anson in 1981’s by-election, they introduced the Non-constituency MP (NCMP) scheme in 1984.

After both JB Jeyaretnam and Chiam See Tong won seats in 1984, they introduced the GRC system in 1988.

After Low Thia Khiang won Hougang in 1991 and the SDP won 3 constituencies, they increased the size of GRCs from 3-4 to 5-6 in the 1997 GE.

After the WP won Aljunied in 2011, they announced yet-to-be-revealed changes to the Town Council Act.

After President Ong Teng Cheong became president in 1993 and questioned them about the reserves, they went back and changed the Constitutional powers of the Elected President in 1994, which allowed the govt to bypass the president’s scrutiny when statutory boards and Government companies transfer their reserves to the Government.

And now, after Tan Cheng Bock almost won the last presidential election, they are – once again – going back to change the Constitution. This time perhaps to change the very nature of the Elected Presidency itself.


Is our Constitution a meaningless piece of crap which a party can change at the drop of a hat?

I congratulate the 69% who have helped turned the Constitution into a piece of roti prata, flipped here and there on the whims and fancies of the ruling party they voted for.

Good job, those of you who believe the govt’s line that the expected changes to the Elected Presidency is about minority-race representation!

Ask yourself this simple question:

Why are they telling you that you are not ready for a non-Chinese head of government; but that you are apparently ready for a non-Chinese head of state?

You really believe this?

It’s like believing in a rainbow-chasing unicorn.

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