Dear Mr Ng

It is regrettable that while Tao Nan School is known for academic excellence, it seems it has failed to produce students able to obey laws and rules. My original email to Dr Chin is attached and may I refer you to it to reduce verbosity. Many residents have provided feedback to the school through the years to no results.

1. There is only one slip road linking Marine Crescent and the super busy Marine Parade Road. It takes minimum 20 minutes to traverse 50 metres.

2. Four choke points :

a. Parents illegally letting off their children along and in the middle of road. In fact it was pouring very heavily on July 21st and Tao Nan School staff were seen assisting children from cars illegally along the road (please refer to picture). Is this not dangerous to everyone? is this not condoning irresponsible behaviour?

b. Zebra crossing : over-zealous parent volunteers rush out dangerously to stop traffic too frequently. All the while ignoring the illegal drop-offs.

c. Marine Parade Road, lined up with cars waiting to get into school.

d. Still Road, lined up with cars waiting to get into school.

3. There are no LTA enforcement officers except at 1630 hours when there are no cars.

We, the residents, have been tolerating Tao Nan School parents’ totally irresponsible behaviour for years – they honk incessantly, they choke up drop-off points at Block 30 hampering access by the sick and elderly, they drive carelessly.

May I suggest that you relocate Tao Nan School to a remote location in Singapore until such time it learns to co-exist with its neighbours. We value safety and quality of life above the value of our flats.

May I suggest you make an incognito visit to experience first-hand.

Thank you.

Dear SPF

Attached are photos of illegal drop-offs for your action. Thank you.

Mr Feng Dong

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