Any friends i know driving for Gxxb-Taxi pls becareful especially those whose statuts are above the regular drivers.

I myself is above the regular driver and recently was involve in an accident and as i am 1 level above the normal driver, every month they will set aside a sum of $ for my emergency use (ie hospitalise, accident or emergency use). But after i had met with an accident, i tried to withdraw the $ out, they tried all ways and means to forfeit them. In the end they suceed!

Just to let you guys know that in order to mantain in my catergory of satuts, i need to hit the every month target of 200+ jobs which needed to spend alot of time and effort in doing so. At first when they needed taxi drivers to help them building up the brand, everything seems and heard very nice and they could promise us anything but when they dont need us (taxi drivers) all of that turned into empty.

Until now, i still could not belive that such a big company would do this type of things for a small amount of $ which temaxxx holdings has invested heavily. Luckily for me the amount isnt a big 1 and thankfully i saw thur them early, if not i would really regret.

Lastly, all the best to you (Desxxxd) and the rest of your team in Gxxb-Taxi. Hopefully 1 fine day will have the betrayal feelings i am having now.

All members and friends, please feel free to share my expricence and hope that mine is only an isolate case.

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