Collaboration with Agencies For Pleasant Pokémon Paradise

We have previously mentioned that Police have alerted both LTA and HDB about residents’ concerns regarding illegal/indiscriminate parking problems in the vicinity of Blk 401. This was due to the convergence of gamers from all over the island towards this particular hot spot, with a substantial number of them driving there.

To alleviate the problem of indiscriminate parking within the car park, HDB enforcement officers were hard at work over the weekend (beginning from Friday). We urge all gamers who drives there to park their vehicles in the appropriate lots. Indiscriminate parking may pose issues or even dangers to other car park users.

On a separate note, NEA and Town Council have also stepped up their cleaning of this area. Regardless, everyone plays an important role in keeping our environment clean.

Police will continue to work with the relevant agencies to ensure a pleasant environment for all, even as residents and gamers alike indulge in the Pokémon phenomenon.


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