Dear A.S.S,

Basically this girl owe me 500 hundred dollars and doesnt want to return me . I contact her through all means . Facebook , Whatsapp and normal text . She blocked me on twitter and instagram . I know 500 is not much but im feeling insecure if she can ever return me the money . She doesnt have a proper job.

She claimed that she can easily earn 200 to 300 per gig (she dance and have her own team ). But for the past 6 months she have lived with me , the money have yet to be returned . When adviced to find a proper job , she gave reasons such as the jobs nowadays do not allow coloured hair and she wants to find one that allows. She also trying to pursue her dance career which honestly in singapore is very difficult . Its not that i do not understand that dream of hers but bcs we are both dancers . I know the line between passion and reality . Please help me find this woman . Ever since we went our seperate ways , she purposely do not want to response to me . The only times she responded was informing me that she is living on the streets and surving on starbucks .

She goes by the name Tae , Min , Areum , Mira .

Her Real Name is Mira Shazira . If anyone happens to know her family members please contact them and tell them their daughter owe ppl money do not know how to pay back .

She usually hang around Somerset Scape and Hougang .

A.S.S Contribution

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