To All Singapore Stuff,

I read your news of Singapore government arrest four people for want to join ISIS terrorist group. The report say these people get brainwash after listen to radical Batam radio station Radio Hang. They say that preacher on radio Hang spread extreme ideas to their listeners.

I was read your facebook and see some people argue say Radio HANG is not extreme views. They say they listen in to Batam’s Radio HANG and never listen to any extreme preaching at all. I don know who to believe, is radio Hang extreme or wrong? who is telling the truth?

“This is rubbish. I listen to Hang Fm every day. It airs Qur’an recitation and their sermons always about telling the Muslims not to be extremists and radical. Always be tolerant and treat people with kindness.

This couples are full of toxic for slandering Radio Hang. I have never heard any sermons that encourage us to be radical from Radio Hang. In fact it encourage the Muslims to seek knowledge in this world and heareafter.”

“Totally a great fitnah!!!Wat they said are all lies abt Radio Hang…”

“Agreed with u. Never heard such sermon on Hang FM. Also listen to it everyday. Probably they are tuning to Hang Kebun FM.”

Muhd Shahid
A.S.S. Contributor

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