I was on my way home from work just earlier and the bus came to a stop longer than usual… Soon a few people seemed to hover a particular passenger and I found out later that the passenger had an asthma attack to the point of passing out (not able to respond properly) after some probing.

Turns out that our two SCDF NSFs had noticed the passenger behaving strangely and alerted the bus captain, and called for the ambulance at the same time. During the wait, one took measures to look after the passenger’s well-being and the other, furiously dialling numbers to get help. Soon, the ambulance came and aid was given.

As the incident came to a closure, the two NSFs just went back to their seats. The bus captain and only a couple of other passengers thanked them and the rest just returned to their seats.

To me, I found it rather sad that their efforts of being vigilant and being pro active were not being recognised properly. Yes, it might seem like a small incident but imagine if they didn’t notice, the asthmatic passenger could have a severe attack and passed out in his seat without anyone knowing. I think we all need to be a bit more forthcoming to recognise effort where it’s given, and thank role models such as this.

This incident has been a great example and reminder to me and I thought to share with everyone. Let’s all try expressing our thanks a tad more and freely yea 🙂
Note: Yes, I must walk the talk right – I had spoken to them to get a couple of details so I can write in to SCDF to commend them. And I found out that they are also members of my clubhouse and I will be proposing something we can do to recognise the contributions of our Home Team NSFs.

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