Anyone staying at Jurong West ST 52 mummies, who know this maid employer’s. Kindly let the employer know what happen today that I witness with my own eye at the playground.

The maid in the picture below was suppose to take care of her employer kids, but she was playing “Pokémon Go” with 1 of the kid at the bench. One of the maid (onlooker) which was also taking care of her employer kids happen to saw the little girl (sitting at the maid lap) in the picture roaming around the playground without anybody taking care of her.

The little girl was picking up food from the ground and she ate the food that she pick up, the maid (onlooker) called the maid in the pic but she ignore her. While I kindly approach her and let her know that the little girl is eating the food she pick from the ground. But the maid reply was : ” why you so kpo (busybody)” and my reply was :” what kpo stomach is not yours (referring to the little girl) what happen if she fall sick.” Yet the maid in the pic keep saying :” kpo kpo kpo” ” you are not my boss”

My reply was ” I’m not your boss, you are a human being but the little girl is not a human being is it?” But all the maid keep saying was “kpo kpo” and she didn’t do anything but just sitting at the bench playing Pokémon Go with the little boy and keep talking without bothering the little girl.
After that she vent her anger on the little girl by pulling her arm harshly forcing the little girl to sit on her lap.

After a while she left with her employer kids and walk to the HDB block and the little girl started to cry. Kindly all kind soul help to share to let everyone know how this maid treat a poor little girl.

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