Dear ASS Editors,

I am one of the resident Hougang 401, which is one of the top pokestop. Most of the news already show how busy this place is at the playground and car park.Being one of the resident in block 401, what annoy me is that these players dare take lift and come in front our house/along pathway just to catch pokemons.

Imagine, as much as 5 different strangers comes in every one hour. Not only they sit at corridors and the staircase, but they also shout in front my house. Every time I need to open door , they just ask sorry and leave.

Even my neighbors do the same. We have to open door and ask them leave as its noisy. Cant the authority do something? Imagine so many different strangers in front your home making noise! How noisy and annoying it would be!

Summer (Hougang Resident)
A.S.S. Contributor

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