A Singaporean-Chinese so-called friend of mine and I… …are no longer on speaking terms ever since he told me to become his maid and I’ll be paid with sex. WHAT THE FARK?!

I spend so much time in college and he tells me to be a maid after getting my degree?! I’ll be paid with sex?!

The issue hasn’t been resolved yet because he’s trying to get away with things by *coughing* acting innocent so that his *coughing* angel-like reputation won’t be at stake BUT HE AIN’T AN ANGEL. HE IS A FARKING DEVIL!

I don’t hate Singaporeans and Singapore itself. I know there are nice Singaporeans but damn, I am not lucky enough to have met such an arrogant Singaporean who thinks Filipinos are not educated and works as maids, janitors, etc.


Yes, the Philippines is a third-world country and yes, the poverty rate is EXTREMELY high here due to prevalent corruption but that does NOT mean Filipinos don’t go to school and chase their dreams. We spend a hell lot of time in school under great pressure from parents.

Filipino parents are very stern when it comes to school. You pass every subject, every exam, you will be acknowledged as a good son or daughter. You create **** and you may or may not be immediately disowned. Yes, disowning your own child is still practiced here and that’s one thing we all try to avoid because most Filipino parents are very unforgivable.

Yes, prostitution is rampant here but that doesn’t mean every single Filipino enjoys having sex. In fact, there are still a lot of people saving themselves for the right person, like me!


Whatever you hear and see about the Philippines doesn’t mean everyone else is the same. The Philippines is like any other country – we have decent, educated, young professionals making a name in society and we have stupid people who are putting her (the Philippines itself) name at stake by doing ridiculous stuff.

To my so-called friend…

FARK you! ****************** Excuse my language but you deserve this from me. I don’t know how many times you have tried to take me down as a person all because of my nationality but I assure you, you can’t and never will. Things will not always go your own way. That’s not how life works. I wish that you stop being a racist towards Filipinos. God bless you.


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