As most of my friends may know.. I’ve recently pulled a “Robin Hood” stunt to save a dying dog. Due to probable legal issues (even though the owner have already signed an agreement), I will not divulge much on how I got hold of the dog. It’s all up to your imaginations…

15th August early morning (3am), I heard barking and whining the moment I parked my car. I waited for a few minutes before deciding to check it out because it seems strange that a dog would be calling out incessantly at that time of the night. I switched my torch on and started looking in the bushes thinking I would find a stranded pup… but to my horror, I found a frail looking Sheltie stuck At THE NECK between a huge vase and the wall (perimeter) of her house. I rang the doorbell till my patience ran out so I ran back to get to the poor dog.

Breaths were fast and shallow and I knew I had to do something. This is a situation I CANNOT WALK AWAY FROM. So I shifted the vase until it wasn’t crushing on her neck anymore.. hoping she could break free and go back into the house. But no! She collapsed!

I ran back to my car to get a bottled water and started pouring water directly into her mouth and she was lapping it up bit by bit. But she still hasn’t got up. I’m no expert veterinarian but I could tell she wasn’t going to make it if I didn’t get her out. So I made calls while ringing the doorbell of the house.

For a good half hour, I shuffled between ringing the door bell and running back to check on the dog until Jeff Ding and Brenda Lim reached. While we stood there discussing and me reiterating how I found the dog. Jeff was still ringing the doorbell.

Now.. 4am in the morning, dog barking and whining and doorbell ringing. Shouldn’t a normal family already get up and check it out? Well, maybe the family is out of town… maybe… But that wasn’t important at that point of time. The dog’s life and death was our utmost concern. We are not going to let a dog die while we watched. So we got her out.

Vet’s report was that she is:
1. Severely malnourished
2. Severely dehydrated
3. Has brain damage therefore neurological disorder; walks around with her head hanging down, in circles and constantly bangs into walls.
To everyone reading this. Please note that such stuff DO NOT AND CANNOT happen within one or two days.

At first we thought she broke her legs because she couldn’t get up. Instead, it was only because she was too weak to get up. Even a stray dog is in a better condition than this poor girl!

Following day, I went back to the house. The 2 cars parked there last night were gone! There were people in the house when we found her! Anyway, I told them their dog is hospitalised because she was in a really bad condition (so dehydrated she has to be on IV drips because her body won’t be able to absorb fast enough through oral consumption) Yes people, that’s how bad it was! How could a domesticated dog be in such a state?!

They went with us to get their dog, paid us back for the hospitalization fee, wasn’t exactly grateful to us for rescuing their dying dog, even asked if the vet offers transport though these owners drove there (dog stinks of pee and poo by the way).

We all went into the consultancy room to discuss it’s situation with the vet and that’s when we have to remind ourselves that THESE PEOPLE (this wife who shuns the dog, this daughter who still laughs and disturb the dog while the poor pup is banging onto walls and turning in circles, this husband who is so detached to the dog yet smile at the daughter’s antics) ARE THE OWNERS and that we have to take a step back. Because there’s only so much we can do. Legally speaking, we don’t own her and/or have any rights to her and what should be done for her.

I wanted so badly to shout into their faces. That your dog is not your obligation and it shouldn’t ever be! Well of course the prerequisite is to love your dog. These animals stay loyal to you, loves you UNCONDITIONALLY (meaning even if you treat them like shit because unconditional) and gets no love back? It’s fine if you don’t love her.. Maybe even some water and some table scraps? Too much to ask for from a family who has 2 Mercedes-Benz? Hmmm?

I once thought everyone who has a dog would naturally love dogs. I once thought every dog who has a home don’t have to worry about food. I once thought every dog who has a home doesn’t have to suffer anymore. I once thought every dog who has a home is a happy dog.

On 15th August 2016 at 3am, I knew I thought wrong.

It’ll never be the same for me when I see those happy puppies in the windows of pet stores anymore because I’ll never know which one of them is going to end up like what we just had on our hands.

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